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We are health insurance brokers and not marketers. Please feel free to contact us with coverage questions or cost concerns. We keep you updated on the medical underwriting process if you decide to apply.

2. What makes your site different?

You can obtain a quote directly through the carrier site links or through a rating service that provides quotes from all the carriers. We also will process the quote and send a PDF file if you prefer that option. We are a health insurance agency that brokers all different major health insurance companies and offers free service and recommendations since our compensation is included in the insurance rates which are set and filed with the Department of Insurance.

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We only initiate contact when you specifically call or contact us with a question or apply for coverage. We advise and consult and give recommendations but we do not engage in high pressure sales or sell your
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4. How can I make sure I am getting the lowest rate?

The best way is to obtain many quotes from reputable carriers. We provide those services at CompareCarriers.net.Check with the consumer organizations for additional tips and information regarding health insurance.

We provide the following consumer links for your reference.


California Public Health Insurance


Here are the California health insurance programs for low-income residents:

California Medi-Cal
Medi-Cal is the Medicaid program in California that provides health insurance for some low-income residents. If you want to learn more about Medi-Cal, visit them online.

Healthy Families
Healthy Families is the State Children's Health Insurance Program (SCHIP) in California, designed for children under age 19 who do not qualify for Medi-Cal and cannot afford private coverage. To learn more about Healthy Families, their website.

Major Risk Medical Insurance Program (MRMIP)
California also offers a high-risk pool (MRMIP)for residents with pre-existing conditions who are unable to find health insurance through a private company.

Access For Infants and Mothers (AIM)
This program provides health insurance coverage for some pregnant women who have no insurance or are underinsured.

Every Woman Counts
California's Breast and Cervical Cancer Treatment Program offers Medicaid coverage to eligible women who are diagnosed with breast or cervical cancer.

California Medicare
Seniors eligible for Medicare can get health insurance coverage through Medicare Advantage, Supplement and Original Medicare.

Universal Health Care in California

San Francisco is the only city in California that provides all uninsured residents with access to health insurance coverage. Residents earning up to 500 percent of the federal poverty level qualify for the program, Healthy San Francisco.

Only residents of the city qualify for the universal coverage, and they must receive care within the city limits.

California Health Insurance High Risk Pool

The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act established temporary national high risk pools to provide health insurance to people with medical conditions.

The Pre-Existing Condition Insurance Plan (PCIP) in California is not a public program and enrollees will have to pay monthly premiums and out-of-pocket costs similar to regular California health insurance policies.

Participants will pay around the same amount that an individual without pre-existing conditions would pay on the private insurance market. The estimated monthly cost for California residents will range between $127 for a 15 year old and $1,003 for a 74 year old.

Enrollees will have to meet a $1,500 deductible and have a $2,500 out-of-pocket limit. Enrollees in the PCIP will have coverage for physician and hospital visits, emergency services, prescription drug coverage, and more.

Individuals are eligible to enroll in the California PCIP if they have a pre-existing condition, are a United States citizen and have been without health insurance for six months.